Care for the developing world

Where we work

South Sudan

Doc2Doc’s first public healthcare development program is in South Sudan. This pilot program aims to create functional public health care systems on a countrywide level. It is also Doc2Doc’s first-ever internally managed program.

Since the launch of our program in South Sudan, Doc2Doc has shipped more than $1.5 million in medical supplies and equipment to three hospitals in Goli, Yei and Maridi.

In 2013, Doc2Doc will provide more than $3 million in medical supplies and equipment along with telecommunications systems to up to six hospitals in one of the most remote areas of Africa. In addition, we will also provide more than 5,000 mothers and children with high value nutrition supplements.


Last May a Doc2Doc team visited hospitals in Yangon, Myanmar. What they found was a great need for improved healthcare particularly for patients with advanced AIDS and TB. As part of Doc2Doc's first program in Southeast Asia, we’re partnering with UNOPS to deliver more than $1 million in medical supplies to three hospitals in the region.


Through the generous funding of the Jack Brewer Foundation and the Joyce Banda Foundation, Doc2Doc will be providing Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi with supplies and equipment. This will be the start of a long-term health care development program in Malawi. President Joyce Banda is actively involved in the project and is an avid supporter of Doc2Doc.

"Thank you very much for efforts.  Malawians will forever be grateful to you all."

President Joyce Banda


Doc2Doc is working with Pathfinder International to provide rural clinics and regional hospitals throughout Kenya with medical supplies and equipment.

Sierra Leone

Doc2Doc is working with the Healey International Foundation to refurbish and reopen Serabu General Hospital, the largest hospital complex in Sierra Leone just outside of Freetown. This includes rebuilding structures at Serabu destroyed during the civil war, staffing the hospital with qualified medical professionals, and supplying the hospital with necessary supplies and equipment. Doc2Doc is providing $3 million in medical supplies and equipment customized for specific uses (maternal health, outpatient care, etc.). This project will give thousands of people in the surrounding area access to healthcare for the first time in years.