Care for the developing world

How it all began

In 2005, Doc2Doc (previously known as Doc2Dock) began as a commitment to global health during the inaugural Clinton Global Initiative. Our mission was simple—collect and redistribute unused medical supplies to hospitals in the developing world. U.S. hospitals waste thousands of tons of medical supplies every day. This includes unused, sterile medical supplies and fully functional equipment discarded solely for regulatory reasons.

Doc2Doc has the resources to ship a 40-foot container filled with more than $500,000 of medical supplies and equipment for just $25,000-35,000.

Working on behalf of third party sponsors ranging from large-scale NGOs to small family foundations, Doc2Doc has delivered more than $20 million of medical supplies and equipment to hospitals in 16 countries.

“Doc2Doc(k) has made the difference between life and death in many parts of Africa and Haiti. Doc2Doc(k) not only delivers medical supplies, but delivers hope, opportunity and human dignity.” — President Bill Clinton

Supplies save lives, but we want to do more.


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mission: Care for the 
developing world.

While medical supplies and equipment can have a huge impact in a developing nation, hospitals are more than just emergency rooms and vaccination clinics. They are organizations like any other with human resource requirements, management challenges, logistics requirements, and infrastructure to maintain. Doc2Doc’s mission is to build and support healthcare systems that improve medical care for generations.

In April, we launched our first public healthcare development program with a focus on South Sudan—specifically three hospitals in Goli, Yei, and Maridi.

This pilot program will provide $5 million in medical supplies over a period of three years along with telecommunication services, administrative assistance, and comprehensive metrics and monitoring programs to track levels of patient care and the health of the entire community.

We believe this program has the potential to transform how healthcare is managed and delivered in developing countries. Your donation can make healthcare in developing countries a reality.

Board of Directors

  • CHRIS LARSEN, Chairman of the Board
  • BRUCE CHARASH, MD, Founder
  • JEFF MOSES, MD, New York Presbyterian
  • KRISTEN TITUS, Girls Who Code
  • ROBIN TOWNLEY, Department of Defense
  • BEN GODDARD, Goddard Gunster